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Jonathan is the director of Maven Games. He blogs and records podcast episodes several times a week. Whenever he isn't doing anything else, he designs games.

Pandemic: Iberia Board

Christmas Highlights 2017

I spent a week with my extended family over Christmas and we played lots of games!  As well as the obligatory party games like Empires, Time’s Up and The Animal Game, I also got...
7 Wonders

Classics: 7 Wonders

If you came up with a rating for boardgames that combined how good they were with how versatile they are (ie. how many different situations you can play them in), I think 7 Wonders...

Games to Play at Christmas

It’s Christmas!  Time to play some games!  Except, you’re surrounded by family members of wildly varying ages and gaming experience.  How do you find games that you can play with Granny and the kids,...
Exit vs Unlock

Exit vs. Unlock

This year, there has been an explosion of ‘escape the room’ games.  Some have been better than others, but two series in particular have risen to the surface and really excelled: Exit and Unlock. ...
Risk Legacy

Legacy Games – Part 1

Back in 2011, a game called Risk Legacy came out.  It was a campaign version of Risk with a rather significant twist.  Just in case you’re not familiar with Risk, it’s a fairly basic...
Twilight Struggle

Classics: Twilight Struggle

I buy virtually all my games from my local boardgame café: The Dice Cup.  Prior to it opening, I bought my games from one of the owners, David Smith, who ran a small boardgame...
Outdoor Scrabble

Word Games

My wife is a big fan of Scrabble.  It might even be her favourite game.  This always surprised me as I don’t really like it.  I’ve played it a lot with her, but I...
Puerto Rico

Classics: Puerto Rico

Back when I only owned half a dozen games and £40 seemed like an awful lot to pay for a single boardgame, the games I owned saw a lot of play.  None of them...
Orléans vs Altiplano

Orléans vs Altiplano

I really like the deck building mechanism in general.  I was a big fan of Dominion when it came out, but deck building seems to have been done to death in recent years.  However,...
Power Grid

Classics: Power Grid

Power Grid is a game about buying power stations and managing an electricity grid.  As themes go, they don’t get much duller than that.  It also has paper money, far more adding up than...