The 7th Continent

Last week The 7th Continent arrived and I can’t stop playing it.  I backed the game on Kickstarter last year where over 12000 backers pledged over £1 million for this adventure card game.

What’s it all about?  Does it live up to the hype?  And is there any possibility of getting the game if you missed the Kickstarter?


Why Are My Ratings So High?

I recently compiled my Top 30 Games of All Time.  As part of this process, I went through all the games that I have ever rated on BoardGameGeek (BGG).  I don’t always remember to rate every game I play, but I try.

It was a very informative process and I talked about certain trends that I noticed in the accompanying post.  I noticed something else while analysing my ratings though: my ratings were all fairly high.

Many reviewers always seem to give positive reviews and personally I find this to be off-putting.  If they are always positive, then their opinion doesn’t really mean anything.

I started to worry.  Was I one of these interminably positive reviewers?  Was I undermining the validity of all my opinions?  To answer these questions, I had to dig deeper.