KS Spotlight: Solomon Kane

I went to Mythic Day last month.  Mythic Games is the company behind the very successful Solomon Kane Kickstarter.  They are based in France, but they decided to host an event day at Warboar Games (a boardgame café) in London where they were demoing their games.

Mythic Games came to fame with another very successful Kickstarter: Mythic Battles.  It was co-published with Monolith, but rather strangely Mythic Games parted ways with Monolith and sold the rights to their eponymous Mythic Battles.  Monolith now owns the game, despite the fact that the designer (Benoit Vogt) runs Mythic Games.

Anyway, politics aside, Mythic Games currently has two games in the pipeline: Solomon Kane and Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, which had another very successful Kickstarter last year.  These games were being demoed at Mythic Day and I was very impressed with both of them.  We’re going to focus on Solomon Kane today though…


Explaining Games – and Other Stuff (part 2)

Personally, I have never tried to bribe a pirate. I understand that some people may enjoy the activity, and in principle I am not opposed to it, but it just doesn’t appeal to me as an individual. Fortunately, should I ever be compelled to bribe a pirate, the details of how to do it have been concisely summarised for me in the text pictured above. This shows a representative two page extract from the fifty page long rule book to the game Viceroys. This particular part covers fleeing from combat, the weather gauge, bribing pirates, taxation, inflation and war in Europe. Being two pages out of fifty, it constitutes 4% of the overall text. Yay.