Educational Games for Pre-Schoolers

I started playing games with my son Noah as soon as he could talk coherently enough to form a sentence.  He is now 9 years old and I must have played hundreds of games with him over the years.  Today begins a short series focussed on games appropriate for children of various ages.

I think boardgames are tremendously educational for children – they learn so much.  The first entry in our series starts right at the beginning though.  What games can you realistically play with very young children?

As long as they understand what you’re saying and can communicate what they think, you can begin to play a whole range of games with them.  I probably played the games I’m recommending in this article with my son when he was about 3 years old.  Let’s look at games for pre-schoolers…


CrossTalk vs. Codenames

When I first played Codenames, I wasn’t that keen.  I played it with a bunch of hard-core gamers and the downtime was excruciating.  I liked the idea of it, but there didn’t seem to be enough of the interesting clue-giving and guessing for the amount of time invested.

Despite this rather lacklustre first play, all kinds of groups kept suggesting we play it.  It was new and played a large number of people in a relatively short span of time so I can see why it kept getting played.

The more I played it, the more I liked it though.  It also seemed to work much better with some groups than others.  I started playing it with my family and they loved it!  It rapidly became my go-to party game for those times when you want something more calm and thoughtful.  At least it was… until CrossTalk arrived.