Top 10 Small Games – Part 2

Maybe you’re going on holiday and you want to bring a few small games with you, but luggage space is an issue.  Maybe you’re travelling on a train and need a small footprint game to while away the hours.  Sometimes, only a small game will do!  But which ones are best?

Earlier in the week, I covered the bottom half of my Top 10 Small Games.  Today we finish the list by looking at the top 5.  These are the best small games in the world!  Well, in my opinion…


Top 10 Small Games – Part 1

I went boating with my extended family last week to the Norfolk Broads – a particularly attractive part of the country with lots of wildlife and a thriving thatch industry.  We had no computers, no TV and the only internet was a sporadic mobile connection.  How on Earth were we going to spend our time?

Well, we did some sailing of course and moored in various locations to go for walks, but in the evening (and frequently during the day as well) we played games!  The trouble is, although we had a table on the boat, it wasn’t very big, so we needed games that wouldn’t take up a lot of space.

The size of the box was also an issue as there wasn’t a lot of space on the boat full stop.  So before we left, I gave a bit of thought to what games I should bring.  Which games are best when they need to have a small footprint and a small box?  Here’s my list…