Explaining Games – and Other Stuff (part 2)

Personally, I have never tried to bribe a pirate. I understand that some people may enjoy the activity, and in principle I am not opposed to it, but it just doesn’t appeal to me as an individual. Fortunately, should I ever be compelled to bribe a pirate, the details of how to do it have been concisely summarised for me in the text pictured above. This shows a representative two page extract from the fifty page long rule book to the game Viceroys. This particular part covers fleeing from combat, the weather gauge, bribing pirates, taxation, inflation and war in Europe. Being two pages out of fifty, it constitutes 4% of the overall text. Yay.


How do you store your games?

When I was a student, I remember getting together with a bunch of other students to play Talisman.  A friend of mine used to play it a lot as a child and reckoned we’d all enjoy it.  I’d never played it before, so was curious to try it, but never again!  It turned out to be a long, draw-out affair with copious amounts of randomness.  I did badly.  Not that I’m bitter or anything…

My reason for bringing this up though, is that our host had more games than I’d ever seen in my life.  In fact, he had an entire shelf of games.  They were piled haphazardly (this was before box sizes became relatively standardised) and he must have had nigh on twenty games.  Twenty!  Boy, was I jealous.

Of course, my perspective has changed rather these days, but at the time I think I had three or four games.  I couldn’t imagine having twenty games in my wildest dreams.  I remember mentally totting up how much it would cost to buy all of those games.  It was hundreds of pounds!  On games!

I’m getting side-tracked again though.  What I really want to talk about today is storage.  The last time I counted (which was a few years ago), I had over a hundred games.  I dread to think how many I have now.  I keep meaning to sell some of them, but I’m a compulsive hoarder.  So last weekend my thoughts turned to storage.  How do you store your games?