Heaven & Ale

The Spiel nominees were announced recently and one of the surprise nominations was a game called Heaven & Ale.  It’s been nominated for the Kennerspiel des Jahres – the “Strategy Game of the Year” award.

Whereas the Spiel des Jahres games are meant to be light, family-weight games, the Kennerspiel are meant to be more complex, but still accessible to people with some gaming experience.  Previous winners include Istanbul and 7 Wonders.

How does Heaven & Ale stack up?  Is it likely to win?  Let’s take a look at it…


Confused Drow mages play with letters (part 2)

Being an extremely dedicated blogger who takes his work seriously, I went on holiday and ended up not having time to finish the post I was supposed to put up. On the subject of word games, here is a boardgame-themed crossword I made earlier instead. Black numbers are for across clues and red for down. I’ll put up solutions with my next post. First person to show me the full correct solution will win an extra power cycle on turn 1 next time I play Terra Mystica against them… (more…)