How to Read Out Loud like a Pro

I was playing Near and Far last night.  It’s a worker-placement game crossed with an adventure game.  Having collected various resources and hired companions in town, you venture off into the wilderness and have adventures!

Each adventure spot has a number associated with it and you look up the number in a big book.  It provides you with a short story describing some kind of encounter and then offers you a couple of choices as to how you might respond to what you find.  Depending on your choice, a conclusion will be read out and if successful, you’ll receive a reward.

So a large part of the game involves reading sections of story out loud.  A lot of people find this quite difficult.  It might seem like a rather odd topic for a blog post, but today I thought we could tackle the subject of how to do that well.  How can you learn to read out loud like a pro?


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