How to Vet a Kickstarter Project – Part 1

I back quite a lot of Kickstarter projects.  Since the New Year, I have backed four boardgame projects, so not an insane number, but it probably averages out to between 20 and 30 projects per year.  I find I can decide fairly quickly these days whether I want to back a project or not.

When I first looked at Kickstarter though, I couldn’t work out how people knew whether or not to back a game.  I had heard horror stories about projects taking people’s money and never delivering anything.  How could you tell which projects were safe bets and which ones would be risky?

Although I back 20-30 projects per year, I probably look at 2-3 projects per week to work out which ones I want to back and I feel I have a good handle on how to vet a Kickstarter project accurately now.  So I’d like to share with you a few tips on what to look for if you’re new to Kickstarter.


Rising Sun

Rising Sun is the latest dudes-on-a-map game from CMON.  It was designed by Eric M. Lang, the designer of Blood Rage (among many other games), who is now CMON’s resident designer.  It was on Kickstarter last year where it received a staggering $4 million in funding from over 30,000 people.

While it didn’t make my personal list, it is easily one of the industry’s most anticipated games of 2018.  CMON have a reputation for delivering high quality miniatures in their games and looking at the Kickstarter, you could tell they weren’t going to disappoint on that front.

Well, the game has started arriving at people’s homes all across the world, and the big question is, ‘Does it live up to the hype?’  Is the game actually that good or were people overawed by the miniatures?  Let’s have a look…