Attractive Kickstarter Projects

I haven’t backed anything on Kickstarter for a few weeks.  I’ve looked through plenty of projects, but nothing seemed to grab me.  I wondered if I was becoming jaded and disillusioned with Kickstarter in general.

However, that all changed on Monday when I was immediately taken with two different projects: Groves and Rise of Tribes.  I backed them both on the same day.

I’ve talked about why I back Kickstarter projects before, but today I’d like to look at why some projects seem to be far more attractive than others.  What did those two projects do that all the other ones I looked at didn’t do?


Designer Spotlight: Antoine Bauza

As well as designing a significant number of games on his own, Antoine Bauza has collaborated with a surprising number of other well-known designers: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc, Bruno Faidutti, Frédéric Henry to name a few.

His most famous game is probably 7 Wonders, but his name just keeps popping up again and again on all kinds of designer credits from big box adventure games like Conan to little card games like Hanabi.  Let’s take a look.