Dexterity Games

Tabletop gaming, by its very nature, is a sedentary pastime.  Games can be social, intellectual, combative, but rarely physical.  There is, however, one genre that attempts to provide a much more visceral gaming experience: dexterity games.


Abstract Games

When people think of abstract games, they usually think of Chess and Draughts (Checkers).  However, last night at The Dice Cup, I sat down with my friend Steve and played several much more modern abstract games.

It’s easy to equate ‘abstract’ with ‘old’.  It’s as if abstract games were humanity’s first expedition into game design and as we improved our game design skills, we injected theme into games and now they’re much more fun.

But you might be surprised at the number of new abstract games that are made every year.  Some people seem to love them.  So what defines an abstract game?  And are any of them actually any good?