What is Kickstarter?

As a new publisher, we’re planning to use Kickstarter.  If you’ve not heard of Kickstarter, it’s a crowd-funding platform.  The basic idea is that ‘creators’ present a concept for a project that they need help bringing to life.  It might be a book, a dress, a film, a robot, a boardgame – creators are only limited by their imagination.

Creators are supposed to progress their idea as far as possible before launching their Kickstarter project (although in the early days, many projects launched with little more than a bright idea).  Usually the primary driver for launching a project is to raise funds, but as I have discovered, there can (and should) be a lot more to it than that.



Have you ever wondered where inspiration comes from?  You’re sitting there, minding your own business, when suddenly a bright idea will pop into your head, without warning.  Where do these ideas come from?

Sir Terry Pratchett (may God rest his superlative soul) had a theory, espoused in his Discworld novels, that inspiration was a cosmic particle.

These particles of inspiration would rain down from space intermittently, in much the same way as meteors (aka shooting stars).  Very occasionally, there would be an ‘inspiration shower’.  Like a meteor shower, there would be an exceptionally large number of inspiration particles falling in a certain area for a short period of time.

Now, according to his theory, whenever one of these inspiration particles passes through the brain of a human being, they have a bright idea.