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Designer Spotlight: Alexander Pfister

Alexander Pfister will always have a place in my heart as Great Western Trail was the first game we ever reviewed on the Boardgame Opinions channel. Despite only designing his first game in 2010...
The Dice Cup

The Dice Cup

The Dice Cup is my local boardgame café.  It is run by three friends of mine (David, Matt and Steve) and I have been a regular attendee ever since it opened.  It is where...

Why Are My Ratings So High?

I recently compiled my Top 30 Games of All Time.  As part of this process, I went through all the games that I have ever rated on BoardGameGeek (BGG).  I don’t always remember to...
Video Devices 2

How to Run a YouTube Channel – Part 2

Last week I talked about why I run a YouTube channel.  I think it’s very important to decide what your motivations for running a channel are before you start.  Apart from anything else, it...
Video Devices

How to Run a YouTube Channel – Part 1

I’ve been running YouTube channels fairly successfully for about four years now.  We’re not talking millions of subscribers or anything, but I’ve been very pleased with the overall number of views/subscribers that the channels...

Why I Run a YouTube Channel

I started my first YouTube channel about four years ago.  It was to help students learn Maths (I am a Maths teacher by trade).  A little less than a year ago, I started a...
US Supreme Court Building


The UK had a General Election yesterday.  It’s the biggest kind of election we have in this country, where people vote on which political party will be in power and, by extension, who the...
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Rating Games

I do a lot of reviews of games for the Boardgame Opinions channel.  Different reviewers haven’t different styles, but the way I do it is to give a very brief overview of how the...

Why I Blog

It’s all Jamey Stegmaier’s fault! As you’ve probably heard me say on several occasions now, we’re planning to use Kickstarter.  You don’t need to spend long researching Kickstarter before you come across Jamey Stegmaier. ...