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I am the law!

Designer humans. I shall begin by considering a matter of great relevance to the modern boardgamer – the former occupations of the Popes, both current and historic. Pope Francis apparently once worked as a...
Clint Eastwood

The Good, the Bad and the Boardgamer

Boardgames are useless! Boardgames are not useful for anything. Like an arts degree, they have no real applications and only exist to provide pleasure to the people playing them. Boardgamers are not good or...

Dealing with Failure

It’s been a bad week this week.  A number of things that I’ve tried to do have failed.  A couple of things in particular I’ve been working on for literally years and they seem...
Old Man at the Station


I hate downtime in games.  The times when you sit there waiting for your turn and there’s nothing you can do.  For various reasons you can’t plan what you will do on your turn...
Shared Idea

Designing with Others

Most people who have had a go at designing a game jot down a few ideas, raid their games collection for components and then have a play… on their own.  They don’t usually show...