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Risk: Godstorm

Designer Spotlight: Mike Selinker

Mike Selinker is an old hat in the boardgaming industry.  He has worked at Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill, and has founded his own publishing company: Lone Shark Games.  Of course, he...

Designer Spotlight: Stefan Feld

I always used to be lukewarm on Stefan Feld’s games.  However, the more I play them, the more I like them.  Why would I keep playing his games if I wasn’t that keen?  My...
Dice 2

Luck – Part 2

Last time, we looked at some overarching laws of probability.  We discovered that luck always balances out in the long run and that dice don’t hate me really! We also discovered that some risks...

Luck – Part 1

Luck plays a part in almost every boardgame.  In fact, I tend to dislike games that have no luck at all.  Some people like games of pure strategy, but I find that the most...