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Clint Eastwood

The Good, the Bad and the Boardgamer

Boardgames are useless! Boardgames are not useful for anything. Like an arts degree, they have no real applications and only exist to provide pleasure to the people playing them. Boardgamers are not good or...

How to Win at Games – Part 2

4. Know your enemy. Another colleague of mine, not the one from the previous post and one who I have not yet persuaded to play boardgames, nonetheless illustrates a fairly common mistake. He has...
Rules Explanation

How to Win at Games – Part 1

1. Don’t expect reading a blog to help… When I asked people what I should write about in this blog, the advice was “pick something that interests you.” This is quite a broad group...
Dixit Card Set

Gaming with Non-Gamers

“Oh, she’s not interested in playing games.” I was arranging to play games with a couple of friends (let’s call them Frank and Sarah) outside my usual sphere of gamer friends and I had...