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The 18xx games are a genre all to themselves.  Essentially they are heavy train games, which involve you buying and selling shares in train companies and then running those companies to make as much...

Two Player Games (part 1)

Two-player games are rather unique, and differ greatly from multiplayer games both strategically and in the atmosphere they generate. Why is this, and what are the pros and cons of two-player gaming?
War of the Ring

War of the Ring: The Collector’s Edition

War of the Ring is one of my Top 30 Games of All Time.  I’ve played it a fair bit over the years, mostly with my Boardgame Opinions compatriot Mark Windle, since he owns...

Pie Face (part 2)

I do not, in general, enjoy watching professional sport. Nor do I even think that I am that likely to enjoy watching pro gamers. Why? Because the longer people spend playing a game the...