The Company

Circular LogoMaven Games is a boardgames publisher, based in Nottingham, UK, with strong ties to the gaming community. The company was founded by our lead designer, Jonathan Hicks, who is also known for his contributions to the Boardgame Opinions channel.
As a company, we are focussed on producing a small number of high-quality games each year. Rather than trying to churn out as many games as possible, we want to put our absolute best into each game, to make them as good as they can be. Every element of the game should excel: the design, the artwork, the components – even the rulebook!

We spend quite a lot of time at our local boardgame café, The Dice Cup. The people there are great! If you’re ever in the area, stop by and say hello! We do a lot of our playtesting there as well as playing as many games from the industry as we can. It was in The Dice Cup that the Boardgame Opinions channel was born…


Boardgame Opinions

BGO Logo Square - MeepleBoardgame Opinions is a Youtube channel that reviews boardgames, but rather than spending a lot of time explaining how to play each game, it focusses on people’s opinions of the game. What do people think of it? Is it actually any good? Boardgame Opinions attempts to provide a variety of opinions from a range of people.

The channel was started, and is run by, Jonathan Hicks, which is why it features on the Maven Games website.


Jonathan Hicks

Profile photoJonathan studied Mathematical Physics at university and has had a varied career ever since. From electronic engineering to running seminars on the psychology of learning, Jonathan has spent much of his career teaching in one form or another. From Maths to Music, Biology to Business Studies, English to Aikido, Jonathan seems to have taught every subject under the sun at some point.

Jonathan gradually moved his focus from teaching to growing and running a business over the last ten years. After successfully developing an education business, he decided to focus on his other main passion: boardgames.