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Jonathan is the director of Maven Games. He blogs and records podcast episodes several times a week. Whenever he isn't doing anything else, he designs games.

Lords of Hellas Minis

Top 5 Dudes-on-a-Map Games

“Dudes on a map” always struck me as a rather odd description for a boardgame genre, but it actually encapsulates the essence of the genre while allowing for the many variations that exist. What...

Should Reviewers Be Paid?

Last week we talked about the difference between previews and reviews, and what place opinions have. This week we’re looking at another hot potato: money. Just to be up-front before we start, I am...
Coming Soon

Reviews vs Previews

Kickstarter previews are pretty common these days. Prospective creators will send prototype copies of their game (often with very high quality components for a prototype!) to boardgame media channels for review. Or rather, for...


Have you ever shown someone something you’ve created, only for them to tear it to shreds? You put your heart and soul into something and instead of praising the good, they pick fault with...


Captain Sonar is one of my favourite games. I love team games and the idea of sailing around in a submarine and trying to blow up the enemy’s submarine really appeals. It’s very light-hearted...
Champions of Nexum

When Kickstarters Cancel

A significant percentage of Kickstarters fail to reach their funding goal. Based on past campaigns, which tend to follow a fairly typical funding cycle, sites like Kicktraq are able to predict whether or not...
Unlock Dinosaur

Unlock: Exotic Adventures

*Spoiler Free* I love escape-room games. There are lots to choose from now, but the two series that have risen to the top are the Exit games and the Unlock adventures. The key difference...
Community Games

Top 5 Community Games

Playing 2 – 5 player games regularly with the same group is a great way of building friendships. However, it can be rather insular. Even meeting up at my local boardgame cafe (The Dice...

Theme Attracts You, But Mechanics Keep You

I was discussing the age-old hot potato of theme vs mechanics the other day with the Boardgame Opinions team.  The question had been phrased as, “Which is more important: theme or mechanics?”  Not surprisingly,...
Solomon Kane - Beach

Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2019 – Part 2

I don’t tend to follow games once a Kickstarter project has finished, particularly because I back so many; it can be hard to keep track.  Every now and then an update comes through for...