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Jonathan is the director of Maven Games. He blogs and records podcast episodes several times a week. Whenever he isn't doing anything else, he designs games.

Pretty Clever Box

Pretty Clever

I’ve never really been into roll-and-write games.  I played plenty of Yahtzee as a kid, which was fine, but the whole system felt outdated to me.  However, roll-and-write games seem to have made something...
UKGE 2018

My Top Games from UKGE 2018

On the whole, I wasn’t overly impressed with the offering at the UK Games Expo this year.  I really enjoyed myself at the convention, but in terms of exciting new games to try, there...
Heaven & Ale

Heaven & Ale

The Spiel nominees were announced recently and one of the surprise nominations was a game called Heaven & Ale.  It’s been nominated for the Kennerspiel des Jahres – the “Strategy Game of the Year”...
How to Play City of Kings

Rules Videos

I picked up a copy of The City of Kings recently.  I tasked my son with punching out all of the components (fortunately, he’s still young enough to be enthusiastic about this!) and I...
The Mind

The Mind

Boardgaming, as a hobby, is rarely controversial.  People get together, play games and generally enjoy themselves.  People have very different tastes in games of course, but when one group of people say a game...
Black Rose Wars

KS Spotlight: Black Rose Wars

There are an awful lot of boardgame projects on Kickstarter at any one time (currently 270 as I write this), with new ones appearing every day.  How do you keep track?  Well, to help...
Priests of Ra

Classics: Ra

Ra is one of my favourite Reiner Knizia games, which is saying a lot.  Reiner Knizia is a great designer and has designed a staggering number of games.  I think it is probably the...
Copyright Theft

Copyright and Theft

What happens if you design a game, show it to a publisher and then they steal your idea and make the game without you?!  Is there anything you can do?  As a designer, do...
Tichu Hand

Top 10 Small Games – Part 2

Maybe you’re going on holiday and you want to bring a few small games with you, but luggage space is an issue.  Maybe you’re travelling on a train and need a small footprint game...

Top 10 Small Games – Part 1

I went boating with my extended family last week to the Norfolk Broads – a particularly attractive part of the country with lots of wildlife and a thriving thatch industry.  We had no computers,...