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Power Grid

Classics: Power Grid

Power Grid is a game about buying power stations and managing an electricity grid.  As themes go, they don’t get much duller than that.  It also has paper money, far more adding up than...
Terra Mystica vs Gaia Project

Terra Mystica vs Gaia Project

Terra Mystica is one of my top ten games of all time.  I’ve played it and played it over the years.  When I heard that they were retheming Terra Mystica in space (Gaia Project),...

Classics: Dominion

Today begins a new series looking at some of the great games from yesteryear.  Games that you may have heard people talking about, but never got around to playing.  Games that have stood the...
The 7th Continent

The 7th Continent

Last week The 7th Continent arrived and I can’t stop playing it.  I backed the game on Kickstarter last year where over 12000 backers pledged over £1 million for this adventure card game. What’s...