Confused Drow mages play with letters (part 2)

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Being an extremely dedicated blogger who takes his work seriously, I went on holiday and ended up not having time to finish the post I was supposed to put up. On the subject of word games, here is a boardgame-themed crossword I made earlier instead. Black numbers are for across clues and red for down. I’ll put up solutions with my next post. First person to show me the full correct solution will win an extra power cycle on turn 1 next time I play Terra Mystica against them…



  1. Red duck bile mixed with trash to be thrown out, other discards recycled. (4,7)
  2. Short girl follows feline to island. (5)
  3. You transport railroad. (7,9)
  4. (7,2,3,4,6)
  5. The extreme of extreme and endless spliced fragments obscure the light. (7)
  6. Spiral Agra around an excellent game. (8)
  7. Supermarket describes global outbreak. (8)
  8. Dude, pee backwards into man without highest grade! (6)
  9. Guy (not you) follows frequency of canonization for efficient long-term planning. (8)
  10. When disordered replaying is to follow, backward vermin will go first! (8,6)
  11. Raven tees off scoring for feodum; king greatly respects his reorganisation. (9)
  12. Anger! Game was dire, but short. (3)
  13. Bad din guild arranged action in magic land. (3,3,5)
  14. A boon to their opponents, but themselves the reverse. (4)


  1. Want to put your piece on something? Ale will make it adorable! (5)
  2. (and 17) – Just missed bronze: prime contemplates, in three stages. (5,7)
  3. First bit of notice in first dead animal and unfinished cheese is worthless! (11)
  4. Grab natchos when back to front and lacking nothing. (6)
  5. Sheriff takes first piece of contraband from your sack – would swapping another couple of items raise a question? (3)
  6. Boy who comes with a minor improvement. (3)
  7. Vulture appears when current-temperature integrated circuit extracted from fermentation control. (11)
  8. Avail without I and go back, for to end your movement here is death! (4)
  9. Sounds impolite from behind and takes an action to open. (4)
  10. Endless, regressive dirge to distribute energy flow. (5,4)
  11. Begin sending explicit messages about Dartmoor outcropping late, as you should do when trading with a monopoly. (9)
  12. Ha! PPI? More like PP why… Forget all that and play games :). (5)
  13. Short Richard takes ecstasy – will he get lucky? (4)
  14. We get swapped in gust of core meaning or concepts. (4)
  15. Didn’t quite clean up and was sad after losing. (5)
  16. Give currency. (3)
  17. (and 2) – Just missed bronze: prime contemplates, in three stages. (5,7)
  18. Jogged over O2 Arena but stopped short and became incoherent. (6)
  19. Didn’t think they were going to kill all those characters, initially. (3)
  20. Ticket to… (4)


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I am a physicist who lives in Nottingham and I have been boardgaming for the last 10 years. My favourite boardgame is Agricola. I also enjoy playing the Yetis in Terra Mystica, hence the profile pic. I should also credit Sophie for drawing most of the cartoons that feature in the blog. Without her, there would be no grumpy oxen.

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