KS Spotlight: Tainted Grail

One of the biggest Kickstarter projects of last year was The 7th Continent.  It garnered a massive $7 million in pledges from over 40,000 backers.  It was a sprawling, survival, adventure game where cards formed an expanding continent.  I loved it.

So when someone recommended Tainted Grail to me as being a dark fantasy version of The 7th Continent, but better, I was immediately hooked!

It is currently on Kickstarter (finishing on 28th December) and achieved well over $1 million in funding in the first day!  It is already one of the top 100 most-funded projects ever on Kickstarter (not just boardgames) and it is less than a week in at the time of writing.

Interested?  Let me tell you about it…


Kickstarters are Like Buses…

…you wait around for months and then seven come along at once!  Having had nothing but eerie silence for several months, I have received seven different Kickstarters over the past few weeks.

The interesting thing is the range of dates over which I originally backed them.  It’s not like I backed seven projects all within the same month last year and now they’re all delivering.  I backed the first game from this group in July 2017 and I backed the last one in March 2018.  That’s an 8-month period!

I’ve been backing Kickstarters for several years now and I’ve noticed this trend before: like buses, they tend to clump up and all arrive at once.  Why is that?  I keep trying to space out my backing in an effort to space out the arrivals, but it never works!

Well, I think there are two key reasons for this.  Let me tell you…