House Rules

We started a new series on the Boardgame Opinions channel last week called House Rules.  The idea behind it is that contestants are trying to figure out the rules to a game just by looking at the components.  Supposedly they’ve “lost” the rulebook and just have to take an educated guess as to how to play.

Afterwards, someone who has played the game properly and knows the rules comes on and lets them know how they did: what they got right and what they got completely wrong!  It was a fascinating experiment.  How well do you think you would do on House Rules?


Top 5 Games from Essen 2018

With around 1400 games being released at Essen this year, I haven’t quite managed to play all of them yet!  So I’m compiling my list from a rather narrow sample, but I’ve certainly played most of the high profile releases now.

Some games have come through traditional retail channels (which I can play through my local boardgame café: The Dice Cup); some have come from Kickstarter (lots of Kickstarters push to have release versions of their game available in time for Essen); but I bought a lot of games myself at Essen, exceeding my luggage allowance for the return flight!

My criteria for being an Essen game is a bit loose: essentially, it’s anything that I either played at Essen (which includes demos of unreleased games) or that was released at Essen and I’ve since played back in the UK.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 favourite games (in no particular order) from Essen this year…