Why I Run a YouTube Channel

I started my first YouTube channel about four years ago.  It was to help students learn Maths (I am a Maths teacher by trade).  A little less than a year ago, I started a new YouTube channel called Boardgame Opinions, which (as the name suggests) aims to provide opinions on boardgames.

I’ve learnt a great deal about running YouTube channels during this time and I’ll be giving some tips on how to run a YouTube channel successfully later in the week.

However, for today’s entry, I’d like to talk more about motivation.  Why do I run YouTube channels?  Have you ever considered running a YouTube channel?  Before we discuss the ‘How’, I think it’s very important to address the ‘Why’…


Two-Player Games

Recently, my local boardgame café (The Dice Cup) started running a two-player games night.  My initial reaction was, “Eh?  Why would you want to get a bunch of people together only to play two-player games?”

You see, for some reason, I’ve always considered two-player games to be something of a last resort.  “Oh, there’s only two of us available to play games tonight?  I guess we could play some two-player games…” I would say, while wishing we had more people.

Nevertheless, I went along to try it out and I was pleasantly surprised.  The range of available (good) games is actually much bigger than I thought it was.  At least, it wasn’t like I was introduced to any new games, but I guess my impression of two-player games was biased and, frankly, unreasonable.