The UK had a General Election yesterday.  It’s the biggest kind of election we have in this country, where people vote on which political party will be in power and, by extension, who the Prime Minister will be.

Earlier this week, I talked about disagreements generally, but political disagreements seem to be among the sharpest.  The real question I’d like to deal with, though, is how you run anything, from a publishing company to a household to a country.  What’s the best form of governance?



Have you ever disagreed about the rules for a game?  Sometimes, consulting the rulebook will resolve the issue, but all too often rulebooks are unclear and the disagreement remains.  What do you do?

Disagreements are liable to crop up in many areas of life.  From deciding on company policy with your business partner to deciding on a house cleaning policy with your marriage partner, some issues can be very difficult to resolve.  Let’s look at the options.