Prickly People

I play games with a lot of different people.  From people who have never played a boardgame before to hard-core gamers.  From friends, to family, to strangers.  From people I love to people I, well, don’t naturally click with: prickly people.

We all know prickly people.  You encounter them in all walks of life.  We all know someone at work, in our social group or our family who rubs us the wrong way.  Why are some people far more annoying than others?  What do you do with people like that in your gaming group?


Game Days

Last Monday was a bank holiday here in the UK.  Bank holidays, so called because almost everyone – even the banks – get a holiday, happen about half a dozen times a year.  They’re perfect opportunities for organising a game day.

You know everyone has a day off work, so there will be loads of people who can potentially play games for the entire day.  The question is, what do you play?  Do you go for an epic 6-hour war game like Twilight Imperium?  Do you try to fit 3 or 4 solid euros in?  Or do you play One Night Ultimate Werewolf again and again for the entire day?