Adventure vs. Replayability

I’ve spoken about replayability before, but I want to come at it from a slightly different angle today.  This has been largely prompted by the arrival of Too Many Bones, which I backed on Kickstarter.

Too Many Bones describes itself as a dice-builder RPG.  It’s a typical RPG in many ways: you each take a character, go on a mission, fight ‘baddies’ (that’s the term they use!), get treasure, level up your character and face off against a ‘tyrant’ in a final battle.

The nice thing about it is all the dice (as you might expect from the tagline).  When you level up for instance, you get to pick extra dice to roll from a large selection of unique dice.  My son and I have really been enjoying it.

The main element I want to discuss though, is how the game provides adventure.



When I was young, I was very competitive.  Having an equally competitive brother didn’t help.  Whether it was sports, academic achievement or games, I would fight tooth-and-nail to win.  My sister despaired.

I liked to think I wasn’t that bad.  At least, when I compared myself with my brother.  He stormed off in tears when he lost on more than one occasion, but he was younger than me and I can’t imagine I was gracious in any way when I won.

My sister seemed to swing the other way.  She was a peacemaker and grew to dislike gaming entirely.  It was so entwined in her mind with us all falling out with each other.  I wonder if there is a healthy middle ground though.  A competitiveness that strives for victory, but cares not for the outcome.