Why I Blog

It’s all Jamey Stegmaier’s fault!

As you’ve probably heard me say on several occasions now, we’re planning to use Kickstarter.  You don’t need to spend long researching Kickstarter before you come across Jamey Stegmaier.  He is half of Stonemaier Games, the publishers of renowned games such as Viticulture, Euphoria and the superb Scythe (a strong candidate for most-hyped game ever, but rather surprisingly, the hype was well-deserved – it was my favourite game of 2016!).

Jamey has Kickstarted all of his games to-date and is an avid blogger.  In the course of doing my homework, I’ve been reading through his extensive blog of Kickstarter Lessons, which are excellent by the way.  If you are considering running a Kickstarter campaign yourself, I would consider his Kickstarter Lessons blog mandatory reading.


Gaming with Non-Gamers

“Oh, she’s not interested in playing games.”

I was arranging to play games with a couple of friends (let’s call them Frank and Sarah) outside my usual sphere of gamer friends and I had suggested that we could invite one of their friends (Gill, say) who they had introduced me to earlier that day.

My wife and I had introduced Frank and Sarah to the likes of Settlers of Catan, Dominion and even Puerto Rico over the previous two years and you could see that they were thoroughly engaged by these light/medium-weight strategy games.  Sarah in particular.  I would explain the rules to a new game and you could see her mind starting to plan her strategy before we’d even started playing.