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Top 10 Anticipated Games at UKGE 2019

The UK Games Expo is our favourite convention.  We go every year and film loads of videos of upcoming games.  Each year, before we go, we use the Tabletop Together Tool to prioritise the...
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Reviews vs Previews

Kickstarter previews are pretty common these days. Prospective creators will send prototype copies of their game (often with very high quality components for a prototype!) to boardgame media channels for review. Or rather, for...
UKGE 2018

My Top Games from UKGE 2018

On the whole, I wasn’t overly impressed with the offering at the UK Games Expo this year.  I really enjoyed myself at the convention, but in terms of exciting new games to try, there...

10 Things to Do at Conventions

Boardgame Opinions (Steve, Mark and I) are all off to AireCon next week.  It’s a boardgame convention that takes place in Harrogate, UK every year.  We’ve been going to the UK Games Expo (the...

The Year Ahead 2018

2017 has been a year of investing in projects behind the scenes.  From the Boardgame Opinions channel to the development of new games, we have been working hard to improve the quality of what...