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Awaken Realms

Reading the Rules

Top 5 Ways to Learn a Game

I play a lot of new games. This means I have to learn how to play games a lot. It’s a process I have come to dread. Sometimes, it can be relatively painless, but...

Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2019 – Part 1

I thought 2018 was a fantastic year for games.  Essen produced some superb offerings.  There were also lots of very exciting Kickstarter projects.  Most of these will be delivered in 2019 so I’ve got...
Tainted Grail

KS Spotlight: Tainted Grail

One of the biggest Kickstarter projects of last year was The 7th Continent.  It garnered a massive $7 million in pledges from over 40,000 backers.  It was a sprawling, survival, adventure game where cards...