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Classics: Pandemic

Once upon a time, co-ops were virtually unheard of.  No really.  As hard as it is to imagine in our modern world where every other game seems to be a co-op or have a...

How long is it?

1. Length doesn’t have to be everything. As we all know, length can be an issue. Underestimate it and you may find yourself kept up all night (albeit enjoyably). There are also a lot...
Battlestar Galactica

Games that Tell Stories

A couple of weeks ago we looked at Ignacy Trzewiczek in our Designer Spotlight.  He is the founder of Portal Games, whose tagline is ‘Board games that tell stories’.  That’s very much the mantra...
Twilight Imperium III

Game Days

Last Monday was a bank holiday here in the UK.  Bank holidays, so called because almost everyone – even the banks – get a holiday, happen about half a dozen times a year.  They’re...