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The Builders

Designer Spotlight: Frédéric Henry

Frédéric Henry is probably best known for designing Timeline, the simple card game where you have to place events from history in the right part of a growing timeline. However, he has designed a...

Designer Spotlight: Bruno Cathala

Like Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala frequently collaborates with other (typically French) designers such as Serge Laget and Ludovic Maublanc.  He has a host of well-known games to his name, but due to his many...
7 Wonders

Designer Spotlight: Antoine Bauza

As well as designing a significant number of games on his own, Antoine Bauza has collaborated with a surprising number of other well-known designers: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc, Bruno Faidutti, Frédéric Henry to name...