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Why are educational games so bad?

A couple of days ago I took part in a playtesting event in which we were playing a prototype social-enterprise game. The stated objective of the game was to inspire people to run their...

Educational Games for Teenagers

I’ve played a lot of games with my son over the years and I think good games of any variety are incredibly valuable from an educational point of view.  They teach a wide range...
Ticket to Ride Europe

Educational Games for Children – Part 2

Last week we discussed a few principles for playing educational games with children.  Games that will allow them to play increasingly complex and (hopefully for you!) more interesting games as the years go by....
Marvel Legendary

Educational Games for Children – Part 1

In the previous post, we looked at educational games for pre-schoolers.  Once your child can read reasonably confidently, it opens up a slew of new possibilities for gaming.  If they can read before starting...
Bus Stop Board

Educational Games for Pre-Schoolers

I started playing games with my son Noah as soon as he could talk coherently enough to form a sentence.  He is now 9 years old and I must have played hundreds of games...