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Lords of Hellas

Why Do Kickstarters Feature So Heavily In My Top 10?

I recently published my Top 10 Games of All Time (as of the end of 2019). All but one of them were Kickstarters. I was astonished when I realised. I knew Kickstarters were some...
Arkham Horror LCG Cards

CCGs vs. LCGs

CCGs (Collectible Card Games) like Magic: The Gathering and LCGs (Living Card Games) like Android: Netrunner have many similarities and a few key differences. Today we take a look at what defines a CCG...

Two-Player Games

Recently, my local boardgame café (The Dice Cup) started running a two-player games night.  My initial reaction was, “Eh?  Why would you want to get a bunch of people together only to play two-player...