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7 Wonders

Classics: 7 Wonders

If you came up with a rating for boardgames that combined how good they were with how versatile they are (ie. how many different situations you can play them in), I think 7 Wonders...
Puerto Rico

Classics: Puerto Rico

Back when I only owned half a dozen games and £40 seemed like an awful lot to pay for a single boardgame, the games I owned saw a lot of play.  None of them...
Orléans vs Altiplano

Orléans vs Altiplano

I really like the deck building mechanism in general.  I was a big fan of Dominion when it came out, but deck building seems to have been done to death in recent years.  However,...
Arm Wrestling


Interaction with other players is the reason I play boardgames.  However, interaction comes in many varieties – some much better than others! Have you ever played a game where tensions rise, people fall out...