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Tainted Grail

Tainted Grail

Tainted Grail was one of my Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2019 and it didn’t disappoint. Within a few short weeks of playing it at every opportunity, it catapulted itself into my Top 10...
Kingdom Death Monster

The 10×10 Challenge – Part 3

Last week I explained what the 10×10 challenge was (essentially, you try to play ten specific games ten times throughout the year) and we covered my first five picks for the list.  I spent...
Legacy of Dragonholt

Flavour Text

Many games include flavour text in them.  Whether it’s a short sentence on the bottom of a card or entire page of backstory on a character you’ve picked, flavour text is an often-ignored component....

The Year Ahead 2018

2017 has been a year of investing in projects behind the scenes.  From the Boardgame Opinions channel to the development of new games, we have been working hard to improve the quality of what...