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Essen Entrance

Essen 2019 Debrief

Essen is over for another year and I’ve finally caught up on sleep. It was a great experience, but very tiring! As an introvert, being hemmed in by people on all sides for four...

The Power of the Internet

My son is ten years old.  For him, high speed internet access, virtually wherever you are, has always been there.  I never get tired of telling him stories of life before the internet though. ...

10 Things to Do at Conventions

Boardgame Opinions (Steve, Mark and I) are all off to AireCon next week.  It’s a boardgame convention that takes place in Harrogate, UK every year.  We’ve been going to the UK Games Expo (the...
Risk Legacy

Legacy Games – Part 1

Back in 2011, a game called Risk Legacy came out.  It was a campaign version of Risk with a rather significant twist.  Just in case you’re not familiar with Risk, it’s a fairly basic...

Why I Run a YouTube Channel

I started my first YouTube channel about four years ago.  It was to help students learn Maths (I am a Maths teacher by trade).  A little less than a year ago, I started a...