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Catan Board

Classics: Catan

Settlers of Catan (as it was first known) was the original gateway game.  I know so many people who got into the hobby through Catan.  Even today, over 20 years since its release, I...

What is the Spiel Des Jahres Award?

The Spiel Des Jahres (pronounced ‘Shpeel Dess YAHrus’) is the German ‘Game of the Year’ and is the most prestigious award in the boardgaming world.  Each year, a committee of Germans nominate three games...
Through the Ages

The Road to Heavyweight

I was playing Ticket to Ride with my family and one of my wife’s friends (we’ll call her Betty) recently.  Ticket to Ride is classed as a ‘light’ game on BoardGameGeek (BGG), meaning that...
Ticket to Ride

How to Name a Game

So you’ve designed a game.  It’s going to be the best game ever.  But now you need to give it a name.  What are you going to call it? Anyone who’s tried to name...