The 10×10 Challenge – Part 3

Kingdom Death Monster

Last week I explained what the 10×10 challenge was (essentially, you try to play ten specific games ten times throughout the year) and we covered my first five picks for the list.  I spent quite a bit of time coming up with the ten games I wanted to play.  Ten times is a lot for some games!

Today we finish off the list.  What are the final five games that I want to play ten times this year?  Let me tell you…

The Lord of the Rings: The Card GameThe Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

I think I may have played this more than any other game, mostly with Noah.  And we’re not slowing down at all.  It’s a co-operative LCG from Fantasy Flight, which means that you buy booster packs that add cards to your deck and provide new quests to complete with new monsters to fight.

We both love Lord of the Rings, and the game is thematically rich.  We’ve been steadily playing through all the scenarios in order and I don’t think we’re even half way through – they produced so many expansions for this game.  It’s a game of resource/card/hand-management and always provides lots of tough choices.  It’s so engaging and provides a real feeling of being in another world for a couple of hours.

Kingdom Death: MonsterKingdom Death Monster

This was one of the first mega-hit Kickstarters.  The original printing quite unexpectedly made over $2 million, given that it was from a previously unknown publisher.  The reprint made over $12 million and is the fourth-highest funded Kickstarter in any category.

I’ve never played it.  However, my friend Mark Windle has a copy and we’ve earmarked a few months to play through the campaign.  It’s essentially an RPG adventure game set in a nightmare world of darkness and monsters.  The theme wouldn’t be my first choice, but I love adventure games and some people rave about this one so I’m very keen to give it a go.

Legacy of DragonholtLegacy of Dragonholt

This is described on the box as a “narrative adventure game” and it’s an unusual one.  It’s a cross between an RPG and a choose-your-own-adventure novel.  Players take it in turns to read sections from an encounter book and at the end of each section you have to make a decision.  Depending on the decision you make, you turn to a different entry in the book.

It has a neat way of tracking your choices, which then affect future events, possibly much later on in the adventure.  Each player takes a character and tracks their stats on a character sheet and there’s a (very simple) combat system for fighting the bad guys.  I’ve been playing through the adventure with several friends and we’ve been filming it for the Boardgame Opinions channel.  If you’re interested, you can watch us play!

Legends UntoldLegends Untold

I feel like I’m cheating a little bit with this one as it hasn’t been released yet!  It was my number one most-anticipated game of 2018 though, and I know I will want to play it a lot when it arrives later this year.  It was a Kickstarter and attempts to provide an engaging RPG experience in a fraction of the time.

It’s essentially a card game, but contains many of the standard RPG tropes.  There is a nice system for exploring: the ‘dungeon’ is comprised of semi-random card draws that are stuck together to form an expanding cave system.  You fight monsters, obtain loot, upgrade your weapons and level up your abilities.  It reminds me a little of The Sorcerer’s Cave, which I used to love playing as a child (and still do with Noah!).  I can’t wait!

Doomsday: AtlantisDoomsday: Atlantis

I’m definitely cheating with this one!  This is the first planned game from Maven Games and it’s still at the playtesting stage.  That means I’ll be playing it lots and lots over the next few months with as many different people as possible so it will easily see ten plays.

It’s a simultaneous ‘location-selection’ game – everyone decides where to run to on the island of Atlantis and if too many people go to the same location, some of them could fall into the sea as the island collapses.  Much of the play takes place on a mobile app (on a tablet in the middle of the table) with entertaining sound effects.  It’s quick and light and it’s gone down really well with families.

So there you have it – my 10×10 list for 2018.  What games would you put on a 10×10 list?

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