The Dice Cup

The Dice Cup

The Dice Cup is my local boardgame café.  It is run by three friends of mine (David, Matt and Steve) and I have been a regular attendee ever since it opened.  It is where I record most of the Boardgame Opinions videos.

I’ve spoken about it on many occasions, but it occurred to me that we don’t have a post that explains what it is and how it came about, which I thought might be interesting.

So I reached out to the guys and asked if one of them fancied writing a guest blog post.  I am very grateful to David Smith (a blogger in his own right), who was happy to oblige.  So I’ll leave you in his capable hands.

Roll for Initiative

The Dice Cup’s origins are shrouded in mystery, some say an ancient curse awoke on the day of a lunar eclipse, others that foul technology binding monster to microchip birthed a strange hybrid. But mostly it began when David J. Smith worked at Travelling Man, a fine emporium selling comics and games. He met lots of great people there and at the tail end of 2000s first decade opened his own store Mondo Comico. Here he found cool and interesting people coming in to play games. One of those started the website that with the wonders of the modern age you are reading this very article on (perhaps in the palm of your hand like some kind of magic).

And another one of those, Matthew Pritchard came to him and said “Let’s do a board game café.”

They added Steve Raine, who has a background in education, to the team and that was pretty much it.

Cheat Sheet

The Dice Cup is run by gamers for gamers (whether new or old). There are many events and tournaments, including a weekly free play session connected with FANG (the Friendly Association of Nottingham Gamers) – a local gaming group.

The café itself is vegan, something that is very important to Matthew, but it is also about the idea of inclusivity that should be key to public gaming spaces.

We’d like everyone to feel welcome and host various special interest groups of varying sizes.

The library of games is extensive, catering to different skill levels and styles of play and, though we don’t all know each and every one, our staff are happy to help with explanations if they can.

Victory Conditions

The aim is just for everyone to have fun.

But we are always looking for new ways to do that and welcome ideas and feedback.

We’ve been very pleased to host Jonathan Hicks and Boardgame Opinions and trying to build an interesting dynamic community who will engage with gaming in new and exciting ways.

The future is unwritten, the rules as yet undetermined. We have a chance to be a part of that, and it’s so vital to carve a space for everyone.

Unless you’re a nazi. Nazis aren’t allowed.

The Dice Cup can be found on Mansfield Road in Nottingham, UK.

It is open every day from 10am until 11pm (10pm on Sundays).

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