Unlock: Heroic Adventures

Unlock: Heroic Adventures

*Spoiler Free*

Steve always messages me as soon as the latest Unlock or Exit games arrive at the cafe. We quickly book a time and gobble them up like candy! We never have any patience when it comes to escape room games. We have to play them as soon as possible.

I was particularly excited when the Unlock: Heroic Adventures arrived; the last set of Unlock games (Exotic Adventures) were the best yet! Could these be as good as the previous ones? Let’s find out…

Insert Coin

Insert Coin

The themes have become so strong with the recent Unlock games. The first game in the Heroic Adventures is set in an 8-bit arcade game from the ’80s. Having played quite a lot of computer games from the ’80s myself, they captured the theme really well!

The music (from the app) is perfect and they keep spoofing off famous games from the era. Many of the puzzles require you to think like you were actually playing the arcade game, which was so much fun.

They’ve also added a new augmented reality aspect to this set of games (which is indicated on the cards where it applies), which was very effective. The reason I liked the previous set so much was because they were making such great use of the app. Once again, they’ve tried to expand the possibilities with the app and they really succeeded here.

Insert Coin was my favourite of the three games.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

The second set is a fairly standard Sherlock Holmes adventure. I love Sherlock Holmes and again this scenario was very thematic. The artwork was great. It’s a murder mystery that has you travelling across London trying to identify suspects.

The puzzles didn’t feel particularly innovative though. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the scenario, but having done lots of Sherlock-Holmes-themed games and puzzles over the years, this was much like you would expect for the genre.

For Steve, Mark and Amy (who I was playing with), this one was their favourite though!

In Pursuit of the White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland

The last scenario was Alice in Wonderland. Again, they did a great job with the theme here. The artwork was spot on and there were plenty of crazy characters in crazy situations.

There wasn’t as much use of the app, but the puzzles themselves were the most innovative of the three games. There was a break from the normal “spot a number 53 and pull out the 53 card”, which was refreshing.

There were a couple of puzzles in this one that felt like a bit of a stretch so it didn’t feel quite as satisfying at the end, but I appreciate them trying to think outside the box.

Overall, the Heroic Adventures were a worthy addition to the Unlock compendium. I didn’t enjoy them quite as much as the previous set, but they were solid and well worth playing if you like escape-room games.

Have you tried them yet? What did you think? (No spoilers please.)

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